Artist Bio:  

Artwork for Filthy Dog House is created by artist Jared Espinoza based out of Terrell, Texas. Jared is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA), where he received a B.A. in Art. His studies focused on studio arts, particularly printmaking and drawing. Since graduating, Jared has worked as a freelance artist, creating commissioned artwork for individuals, as well as fulfilling  design needs for small companies. Jared's work spans many different styles and mediums but his most recent work has been in graphic art. Although his commissioned work is typically landscapes and portraits, most of Jared's original artwork is predominantly a caricature based, cartoon style. 

If you have a commission request, question, or just a comment, feel free to reach out to Jared Espinoza at FilthyDogHouse@gmail.com